Details of asset

Name PENPEN disguised as PEPE
Total supply / Locked status 50
Issue date of MONACARD 2022-11-02 20:38:04 【1.6 years ago】
Issue date of ASSET 2022-11-02 20:36:32 【1.6 years ago】【2,818,873ブロック】
Issuer tomopen  【@kouteipenpen_f】  MRVXqGwD8TpbGMNA6vr5fe9Yon7uNEgy91 
Tag PENPEN  ペンペン  カエル 
Description   Detail What about the PENPEN disguise? Very cute.
Image info GIF 560 x 800 【529.6 KB】 【Animated monacard】
Number of holders / At final confirmation 16 / 【5.2 months ago時点】
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