Details of asset

Name ゆめ
Asset ID MOMOT.flyable【A15533135727959063460】
Total supply / Locked status 50
Issue date of MONACARD 2022-11-12 16:48:10 【3.9 weeks ago】
Issue date of ASSET 2022-11-12 16:47:20 【3.9 weeks ago】
Issuer 百太  【@momotan011】  MWXurfhLatcC4iRjrU6nUAMZwymcP7nhfV 
Tag 天使  百太 
Description   Detail お題「夢にまつわるもの」で描いたもの
Number of holders / At final confirmation 10 / 【2.2 weeks ago時点】
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1.14 MONA 1 12 Buy now   MONA Palette
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